On Saturdays Alicia wakes up at 7 o'clock but she doesn't get up. There's no school! She can sleep late.
  She gets up at 8 o'clock but she doesn't get dressed. She is lazy! She has breakfast and watches TV.
  At eleven o'clock she gets dressed and she goes shopping with her mum. They go to a restaurant for lunch. Alicia has a burger and her mum has a sandwich. Alicia likes shopping.
  After lunch they go home and Alicia doesn't do her homework. She watches TV.
  They have dinner at half past eight. After dinner Alicia chats to her friends online. At eleven o'clock Alicia goes to bed.
1. On Saturdays Alicia doesn't go to school. 4. Alicia and her mum don't have lunch at home.
2. Alicia gets up at seven o'clock on Saturdays. 5. Alicia goes home in the afternoon.
3. Alicia is busy on Saturday morning. 6. Alicia meets friends in the evening.