Wstaw czasownik podany w nawiasie we właściwej formie (Present Simple).

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
   do      does      doesn't drive      get up      hasn't      looks      reads      sleep      starts      use   
31.My favourite programme at 8.15. (start)
32.Does Tina late on Sundays? (sleep)
33.What time do you on week days? (get up)
34.Why does Ola so much sugar? (use)
35.Your brother a lot of sports. (do)
36.Does she always her homework? (do)
37.Lucy after the flowers in her garden. (look)
38.Peter got a younger sister. (not have)
39.My grandfather often The Times. (read)
40.Tom’s father a car. (not drive)