How old are you?

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
   am      best      careful      class pet      from      funny      here      I'm      new      old      sorry      thanks      Where   
Zuza:Oh, I'm .
Greg:It's OK. You are in the class.
Zuza:Yes, I .
Greg: Greg.
Zuza:My name's Zuza.
Greg: are you from, Zuza?
Zuza:I'm Poland.
Greg:Please, sit down beside me.
Zuza:No, . Just kidding!
Greg:Hey, you're . These are my friends, Kate and Stan. Kate is America. Stan is Australia. This is my friend Poland, Zuza. Be , she's funny.
Kate:Hi, Zuza. How are you?
Zuza:Hello, I'm nine.
Greg:I'm ten. And that's Yorko. It's the . It is twelve years .